Cindy Gallop's Black Apartment!

 I've had the luxury of experiencing NYC advertising mogul, cougar and fellow blonde Cindy Gallop's uber-chic Black Apartment first hand, while working on a photo shoot for Italian Vogue with the makeup artist Kabuki. Cindy's MASSIVE loft is housed in the old Chelsea YMCA building (yes, THAT YMCA) and is located where the men's locker room used to be (if those walls could talk)! The entire apartment is floor to ceiling black, which accents her vast array of furniture, artwork and collectables. Her shoe collection acts as an art installation and runs the entire length of the apartment. She has a HUGE obsession with Tom Ford/Gucci and the pop artwork of Peter Gronquist; gold Gucci chainsaw, gold Gucci motorcycle helmet, gold Gucci bicycle, gold Gucci stuffed alligator, Gucci riding crop, Gucci leather corset, Gucci bedding, Tom Ford's Vanity Fair cover, Tom Ford's Black Orchid fragrance....even a photo of her WITH Tom Ford! It's EPIC! Let's talk about the bathrooms....yes....plural! 3 to be exact. The master bath is black mirrored tile and completely out in the walls! It feels like a locker room! Guests requiring more privacy can use one of the other bathrooms...complete with BLACK TOILET PAPER!!! She also has a penchant for neon lighting (my kind of girl); 1 pink and 1 yellow Lucite encased YSL logo...and one that says Peep Show! YES! Now, MY apartment ain't too shabby BUT when I become a lady "of a certain age" and a certain tax bracket....I want an apartment like Cindy's!!

The living room


Gucci, Gucci, Gucci!

I think books are so decorative....don't you think?

The dining area

The kitchen!

 The boudoir!

 Bed, Bath and BEYOND!

 Powder Room!

The black toilet paper in question...YES, I took a photo!

Behind the magic!