Just Browsing: Bleached Eye Brows!

There is nothing I love more than a bleached brow!! It's really a beauty oxymoron; dramatic and yet soft. Bleached brows were a popular trend in the 70's, made a comeback in the 90's and have been popping up in fashion editorials and on runways ever since.  It's the perfect choice if you're bored with your look and need a glaMOUR jumpstart. It works if you're tan! It works if you're pale! Plus it helps keep balance when you wear dark eyeshadow and lipstick. I also enjoy the slightly alien, mannequin vibe it gives. Do it now and behold the new you! Gorgey!!!

Nadja Auermann


Donna Jordan

Laura Stone

Jessica Stam

 Phillipe Blond

Gwen Stefani

Darian Darling

Jolen Cream Bleach hair lightener

My favorite facial bleach! Readily available and super easy to use! Start with a clean, dry face.  Using the icluded spatula, measure about one-quarter teaspoon powder and place on tray.  Measure about one-half teaspoon creme.  Blend powder and creme well.  Apply mixture with spatula covering hair completely.  Keep mixture on for about ten minutes, checking throughout until your desired lightness is achieved.  Remove with spatula and wash your face to remove bleach residue. Be carefull not to leave the bleach on TOO long, your brows might break off. That's a whole different look!

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